I help companies and their management teams in reaching
permanent and system-based ability to increase profit.

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I work with client’s management team on creation and implementation of the best, practical solutions to increase client’s profitability.

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A key to increase client’s profitability is often its management team. I help managers and their team members become real leaders and maximize their potential in reaching ambitious business goals.

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Retail Academy

Holistic training program for retail store management teams, with a goal to increase profitability of their operations through leveraging human factor, giving unique consumer experience and system solutions.

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    • Unique experience in building 2 international companies in Poland from scratch
      Telepizza The fastest growing company In Europe 1996 Nike One of the most recognized brands globally
    • Over 30 clients in my consulting portfolio
    • Practice in implementing solutions, which have redefined the market
    • High profitability of managed companies
      Nike Poland was one of the most profitable country operations globally
      (measured by percentage of EBIT to net revenues)
    • Use of soft skills in management/leadership
    • Strong focus on increasing net revenues and profitability
      Nike reached dominant position on the Polish market through increasing net revenues constantly
      (CAGR of 19% over 12 year period)
    • Flexibility in cooperation with a client
    • 1988 - Graduated from Foreign Trade Faculty,
      Warsaw School of Economics (former SGPIS), Warsaw
    • 1988-1990 - Impexmetal, Sales, Bearing Export Department
    • 1990-1991 - Assistant of U.S Embassy Commercial Attaché, Warsaw
    • 1991-1998 - Telepizza Poland, GM
    • 1999-2011 - Nike Poland and Nike Retail Poland, GM
    • from 2012 - Owner of WK Profit Consulting
    • 1991 - Foreign Commercial Service Award by American Consulting
      Engineers Council, the World’s Best Foreign Commercial Service National
    • Nike Country of the Year - Nike Poland, 3 times
    • Super brands Poland - Nike Poland, 3 times
    • Coolest Brand Poland - Nike Poland, 3 times
    • Run Warsaw - Nike Poland, Event of the Year, Poland, organized by the biggest
      Polish sport newspaper - Przegląd Sportowy
    • Human Race Poland - Nike Poland, Event of the Year, Warsaw
    • ROCE – Return on Invested Capital Award - Nike Poland, 7th place in Poland
    • The Most Mother Friendly Company Award - Nike Poland, 4th place in Poland
    • Crown of Tourism Rider’s Digest Award - Nike Poland, 1st place in Poland in 3 categories
    • 12 media sector awards - Nike Poland, for local adaptations and executions of Nike global campaigns
  • client's name sector country of origin
    G-Star jeans fashion Holland
    Hunkemoller ligerine fashion Holland
    A Supply recycling Poland
    MIG S.A. (Sizeer, 50Style, Timberland) sport fashion Poland
    Euronet consumer electronics Poland
    Matrix Solution social media Poland
    Sarafis sport fashion Poland
    Sportech sport specialty Poland
    Szopex sport fashion Poland
    Pro Business (ISPO Munich) consulting Poland
    Phin Consulting outdoor specialty Germany
  • client's name sector country of origin
    Pera Consulting (with PARP) consulting UK
    Adpilot e-commerce Poland
    NFI Empik, Media & Fashion (Converse, Cat, Merrel) sport fashion Poland
    O'Neill Europe sport fashion USA
    ATAS tourism Poland
    Kaseja Start sport specialty Poland
    Cap Gemini consulting France
    UBS outsourcing Switzerland
    Gerson Lehrman Group consulting USA
    Aqua Moaf Aquaculture Technologies fish production Israel


  • Approach to new projects

    When starting a project, at initial stage, I focus on getting to understand client's business model, especially how it is applied in practice. One of conclusions from my long term business experience is that profitability increase can be reached through both strategic and tactical approaches.
    It can take minutes or requires deep analysis and long term actions. I talk a,nd work with client’s employees at all levels, analyze data, processes, procedures, organization structures and financial results, and at the end, I come to a core of existing problems and open new opportunities before my client. My goal is to increase client’s profitability retailher than delivering a report. In practice, my work with clients is a combination of business consulting, mentoring and training.

    My specialization
    • wholesale and retail sectors
    • fashion, sport, footwear, apparel,equipment/accessories
    • maximizing human factor potential in any sector
    My consulting fee
    • Monthly fixed fee (long term cooperation)
    • Fee per hour
    • Success fee
    • Fee per hour + Success fee
  • Example of cases where I can help as consultant

    • Too low profitability in comparison to company efforts
    • De-motivated team
    • Directive (micro) management
    • Poor planning, budgeting & controlling
    • Agreed plans are not implemented
    • Company growth is faster than organizational development
    • Bad internal communication
    • Performance is not measured well
    • Top line growth does not result in bottom line growth
    • Owners cannot afford or do not trust big consulting firms
  • How I can help

    Mentoring is a process where mentor (teacher) interacts with a mentee. Using own, long term experience in business, mentor knows procedures, methods and processes, which are highly likely to help a mentee in successful running of a company or a department.

    If a main goal of my company is increasing client’s profit, a holistic view on client’s activities has to include managers as a key factor which determines a success of my work. It comes as no surprise, that even charismatic, highly experienced, skilled and successful CEOs, directors, managers or company owners can be mentored. Such people can also identify areas for improvement or even a radical change. These undiscovered areas to improve make their results unsatisfactory in comparison to their personal potential.

    I am a member and obey Code of Ethics rules of European Mentoring & Coaching Council. I am a mentor in European Commission innovation commercialization projects.

  • Examples of cases where I can help as mentor:

    • development of new leaders
    • inspiring management team to seek innovation, new growth opportunities, cost optimization, procedure modifications to increase profitability
    • better focus of organization on strategic goals, as opposed to “from crisis to crisis” management
    • work – life balance
    • ensuring better identification of employees with its employer
    • creating conditions for team work
    • improving information flow within a company
    • better 2 way communication between management and employees

  • Goals of Retail Academy:
    • preparation of new or experienced retail managers for running retail stores and networks effectively
    • transformation of store managers from „shift keepers” to real entrepreneurs
    • ensuring consumer centric approach of client’s retail systems
    • improving retail KPI and financial results
    • gaining competitive advantage through the top level of retail consumer experience
    • sport and fashion sectors
    • footwear, apparel, equipment, accessories
    Scope of trainign
    • content custom-tailored to specific client’s needs
    • group workshops (up to 20 participants)
    • Scope of training follow up in client’s stores
    Target group
    • store managers
    • retail area managers / store supervisors
    • retail network managers
  • Symptoms which Retail Academy can address:
    • Retail stores underperform in comparison to overall market results (growth rate and retail KPIs)
    • Performance of stores within the same chain varies significantly
    • Customer experience is below target consumer expectations and varies within the same retail chain
    • SMART sales goals are usually not met
    • Personnel rotation is high
    • Store staff motivation level is low
    Achievements of Retail Academy
    • Over 250 store managers and retail supervisors trained so far
    • Very positive feedback of participants and business sponsors after training
    • Results: One of my clients has won Swedish Daymaker customer service, mystery shopper competition in Poland’s sport sector and ranked no 4 among all retail sectors in Poland
    Target group
    • store managers
    • retail area managers / store supervisors
    • retail network managers


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